Water for Growth


Tassie has a reputation on the mainland for being green. Locals know that depending on where you live in Lyons, you might experience drought, or you might see some of Australia’s highest annual rainfalls.

Investing in our water resources, such as the Tasmanian Irrigation Scheme is a natural National’s policy position. How we ensure infrastructure is designed, built and operated in balance with environmental priorities requires ongoing focus and discussion.

Our water resources in Lyons also play a part in our brand as a “battery of the nation”. Most of Tasmania’s hydroelectric installations are in Lyons. Making sure we manage water wisely means we can ensure jobs stay in Tassie while we help Australia generate more green power.

And let’s not forget about our coastline! Our healthy ocean produces world famous seafood, attracts more than a million visitors every year, and hosts leading international climate research.

Our plans need to be synchronised like a clock to keep each of these moving parts in synch - something the Nats really understand.


Winter in Westbury Water is the lifeblood of Lyons