Current Priority

The Sea Highway


In the year to June 2018, Tasmanian exports grew by 33%. With a significant portion of this originating in Lyons, our access to affordable shipping is critically important.

Tasmanian homes and businesses also need reliable access to products imported from mainland Australia and overseas.

Our meat, seafood, timber products, minerals, fibre and fruit and vegetables all rely on Tasmania’s ports and access to international shipping facilities.

Our value-added processing operations need the sea highway too. Lyons is home to world leading production of alkaloids (used to make painkillers), which are processed on the island using locally grown poppies. We produce fine cheeses, wine, chocolates that are internationally renowned.

The Nationals are clear about the relationship between export and jobs, and the logistical challenges for island based producers and processors. Ensuring the best freight options for our region is of high importance.

wind turbine.jpg

From the mainland to the mountains Even with unique transportation challenges, Lyons is home to much of Tassie’s 100% renewable energy supply, as this truck carrying a wind turbine blade shows.