Our Vision

Our towns are the pride of Lyons.


Our first step is to work with people in every town in Lyons to see the vision through. Our job is to coordinate discussions about the things that matter to our communities - climate, infrastructure, jobs, telecommunications, education, healthcare, culture, resilience…

The Nats plan for Lyons is the plan that comes from and belongs to the community. It will be a plan for families and farmers. A plan for business and jobs. A plan that supports change and staying the same. A plan that we can take to government for the things we need help with. Plans for investing in our future.

The National Party has delivered for Lyons, and there’s more to do. Now we need your help. Let’s start the conversation today.

Our little island of Tassie is the jewel of Australia. Our people, our produce, our landscapes, our towns. Lyons has it all. We live in an amazing place with a well-deserved international reputation.

Our greatest challenge is our relative size.

The Nationals believe that regional communities bring balance to our cities. We are a voice for the people who are powering Australia’s economy. We are a believer in networks of towns connecting our people and providing an envied lifestyle.

Our vision is for balance: town and country; business and families; sustainability and growth; locals and visitors; big and small. Our shared vision is for vibrant future-focussed regions.


Deanna Hutchinson
Candidate for Lyons


Our vision is for balance.

Our vision is for balance.