Join Our Team

From little things, big things grow. The Nationals in Tasmania is a small team. Our goal is to grow a party that represents Tasmanian communities.

Working with Tas Nats gives you an opportunity to really get to know your local community and use your skills in a way that no other job offers.


Friendraiser — Contacts and networks

Do you have a network of members in your community who might be interested in participating in round table discussions or brainstorming sessions to develop a local plan? Have you been told you could sell ice to eskimos? We're looking for local help to identify who to invite to community meetings and help spread the word. This role works with the Friendraiser - Host.

Well connected in the community
Interested in contributing to shaping the community

Volunteer — Community pop-up

Do you like to talking to people about things that matter in your community? Are you able to spend time out and about alone or in a small group? The Community Pop-ups are a table and chairs outside the grocery store or newsagent, giving locals a chance to find out about the Nats and seek our assistance.

Easy to talk to
Excellent listening skills


Friendraiser - Host

Do you have a great venue for small to medium sized gatherings? It might be a garden, a dining space or a large open space. Are you willing to make it available free of charge? Can you help out with catering or put us in contact with someone? This role works with the Friendraiser - Contacts and Networks to help us host community meetings in each community.

Willingness and authority to offer your venue for a political function

Volunteer — Polling booth

Are you good at talking to people? Have you been told you have a great smile? Are you able to stand for long periods? We need volunteers to hand out how-vote cards at polling booths on election day.

General good health