Connected communities

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The future is digital
Jobs, families, shops and farms all need better access to world class telecommunications.


Tasmanians are smart. We have a penchant for working smarter not harder and living off the grid. We need to be leaders in digital technology.

In 2019, we all need affordable, reliable access to high speed broadband internet and mobile phone services. We also need good transport hubs.

Whether like me you live locally and work globally, or you live in Avoca and work in Launceston, being able to catch a plane or a bus, make a video call or download files opens up job opportunities.

And let’s not forget our high-tech, value-adding industries like farming, fishing and forestry, who need to be able to contact international partners, and stream data from sensors and probes, saving money and the environment.

Knowing how high grass is or how wet the soil is and what market prices and conditions are means our people can make better “just-in-time” decisions.

The Mobile Blackspot program is a high priority for Lyons. We still have too many mobile blackspots and less than optimal broadband for world-class communities.

Roads and other public transport infrastructure are also key to ensuring our people can stay well connected across our region, interstate and overseas.

Jobs of the future in Lyons will need better access. Attracting and keeping families in our towns will require better access.