Businesses Great and Small


Did you know we are a very diverse community of small businesses? The Lyons electorate covers a little more than half of Tassie, a total of 35,721.83 sq km.

We have 3 Woolworths stores, no Coles stores, several IGA supermarkets (including IGA Express), 3 McDonalds’ restaurants and no major hotel/motel chains.

But what we may lack in big brand names, we make up for in high quality boutique enterprise. These are the wealth generators of Tas.

Most of our entertainment, accommodation, and grocery needs are provided by local small businesses.

We have a reputation for being best at certain things. Petuna, Ashgrove Cheese, and many distilleries are real trailblazers in their field.

Viticulture and winemaking, red meat, wool, dairy, forestry, fruit and vegetable production, distilling (whisky and gin), truffles, apiaries, hazelnuts and horticulture are just some of the specialised small business types in Lyons. We also have many artists, cafes and restaurants, B&B’s, sporting and adventure venues.

We have big business too - Tas Alkaloids is an international mover and shaker. Meat processing, agriculture suppliers, transport hubs and some of our power generators also act as a focal point for jobs and economic activity.

These are the features making Lyons such a great place to live - we’re small enough to care, big enough to count.

Photo 5-5-18, 3 21 26 pm.jpg

A typical Lyons town - small enough to care, big enough to count